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    Reading Rainbow: How Trash Is Recycled with LeVar Burton

    Did you know that 70% of our trash can be recycled? Celebrate Earth Day with LeVar Burton as he explains how recycling works in this Reading Rainbow video.

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    rainy day blossom wash

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    i was looking for a photo in my jongho tag

    and i found this


    dancepantsforfancypants and me

    awww me about you


  5. "Whatever is unnamed, undepicted in images, whatever is omitted from biography, censored in collections of letters, whatever is misnamed as something else, made difficult-to-come-by, whatever is buried in the memory by the collapse of meaning under an inadequate or lying language- this will become, not merely unspoken, but unspeakable."
    — 'It Is the Lesbian in Us…', Adrienne Rich, 1976, in On Lies, Secrets and Silence: Selected Prose 1966-1978, Virago, London, 1979. (via insufficientmind)

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  6. The rule with cupcake shops is that when you find a new one you have to try their cupcakes, right? Especially when they come in adorable single cupcake carriers??

  7. Iron Chef America: Office Edition


  9. "It’s enough for me to be sure that you and I exist at this moment."
    — Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude (via merulae)

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  10. Aaron has a Brunch Rule that if it /can/ be mini, it /should/ be mini.