1. I wanted a Scrabble set with a turntable board and all the ones they sell now are just, really brightly colored and expensive so I bought a 1978 Deluxe Edition on eBay and it’s wonderful ;)

  2. Okay so again, as I’ve never actually seen this, I could be super wrong, but I thought there was a slot on the back that you could put a coin in to move the center portion so you could align the date you started the pack with the first pill of the pack. I have a v real image of this in my brain.

  3. Was it super fun to turn the middle part with a coin? That seems super fun

  4. Does anyone use birth control that comes in circular packs like this? Aaron’s and mine both come in rectangular packs, either in a sleeve or swingy-outty thing, and I’ve only ever used rectangular packs (from various providers/brands) in the 7 years I’ve been taking birth control (that’s 84 packs! Which sounds at once like too many and not enough!). I’ve never seen a circular pack in real life. A relic of yesteryear, like a rotary phone or the original gameboy.


  5. I was at the dentist and the hygienist took X-rays. She developed them and brought them into the room to take a look. “Oh!,” she said in a surprised tone, “you’ve had surgery!” I was facing away from the lightbox, thinking “…no…?” and then I turned to look at the X-rays and just started laughing because, no, I hadn’t had surgery, I have a septum piercing (that I keep flipped up for work/a lot of the time), and all she saw was the metal in my nose and assumed that I probably hadn’t put it there on my own/on purpose.


  7. Okay I also had a crush on Fulton Reed but I’m including that in bb lesbian feels, okay? I had a standing thing for Soft Spoken Boys with Long Hair and a Heart of Gold

  8. The Copper Hen! It’s a pretty new restaurant/bakery/cakery on Nicollet and 25th. 


  9. Aaron walked to the bakery down the street from us before I woke up this morning to get their amazing milk and honey bread to make me french toast for breakfast because she’s a really rad girlfriend and the sweetest and it was just. There’s not much in the world that’s better than waking up to someone you love making you breakfast.


  10. See also:

    Kate Winslet in Titanic
    Claudia from The Babysitter’s Club
    Miss Honey in Matilda
    Geena Davis and Madonna in A League of Their Own
    Brittany Murphy in Clueless
    Jenny Lewis in The Wizard. Oh man.