1. Can we just talk about kitten poops?

    Evidently, between kittendom, bad burying skills (she tries! she’s just not v good at it!) and wet food (even with her grain free dry food in the morning and evening), I cannot deal with how smelly Jelly’s poop is. 

    Her new name is Smelly Jelly. It has been decreed. 


  2. Ever since I made deviled eggs yesterday, that’s all I want to eat. How many deviled eggs do you think you could eat in one sitting? I bet a lot, probably.

  3. Wild sweet orange iced tea, a bright spot in this dreary day.

  4. Planning menus for a variety of palates


  5. Kisses, Not Hisses


  6. raydayton:

    trying to search about that new abc show


    (via 87daysbefore)

  8. I’ve heard of lap cats, but not so much of shower cats. She walks around the ledge of the tub, and sometimes falls in, but usually ends up on the windowsill (and falls when she tries to get down).


    1. People: Aren't you going a bit overboard?
    2. Me: *surrounded by pumpkins and candles and sweaters* Idk what you mean?

  9. I just went through the entire process of making deviled eggs. For myself.

    It’s weird to boil just a few eggs, but for my first time making deviled eggs, they came out pretty delish.