1. I also have no idea who thought it was a good idea to put “keep calm and give me catnip” on a toy that is supposed to look like Halloween candy? And another unrelated adage, “kitten kaboodle”? I’m not hip enough for these cat toys.

  2. Target just released their Halloween themed cat toys, so naturally…. (One of those pumpkins has a face that is printed upside down and you’d be hard pressed to find anything SPOOKIER THAN A JACK-O’-LANTERN WITH AN UPSIDE DOWN FACE)

  3. Thanks for opening 83 tabs, Roller Disco.

  4. As the electric kettle blows a fuse every time we use it in our new apartment, thought it was time to replace the kettle I’ve been lugging around since college with this beaut. Mostly also because I threw away that kettle when we moved.

  5. (via gabifresh)

  6. Keep your speakers low because I laugh like an asshole pt. 2 (WITH SECRETS AT THE END!!!)

  7. Listen to Aaron talk about our cat for a while. Also, maybe don’t turn up your speakers v loud because I laugh like an asshole. 

  8. it’s just been a really great day in a string of really great days, you know? i’m just so incredibly grateful to be in a place i love with a person i love and respect and care for so, so much


  9. The difference it can make when your partner has a job that they don’t absolutely loathe is ridiculous.


  10. Sometimes you just have those really nice days where you don’t leave the house on a chilly day and you cuddle w your girl and your cat and a man comes to fix your couch and things are just really wonderful and happy and I’m just.