1. The Annual (it’s happened two years in a row so it is now annual!) Schuldt Parents All Things Fall Care Package has arrived and it is wonderful.

  2. The tiniest bottle of maple syrup

  3. Sunday caramels

  4. This was after a solid three minutes of chasing her own tail. Kittens, man.

  5. I sent my grandma a Halloween card last week, and she emailed me to thank me for it.

    It’s just really nice to see things like this included though, you know? Aaron and I are both super lucky to have parents and grandparents who want to get to know our girlfriends. 

    I remember calling my grandma last December to tell her about Aaron, in preparation of a Christmas that I didn’t even end up being home for. I was nervous, because I don’t think you can be anything but nervous, but she’s been so great about everything. I shouldn’t be surprised; this is a woman who calls out other 84 year olds in her retirement community on their Islamaphobia and racism and who has been an avid supporter of abortion rights her entire life.

    It’s different when it’s you though. Because it’s you and your relationship with this person who you’ve only just started to really appreciate. Because she’s taught you so much about how to think about and deal with your life and the world around you and how much of that could come crashing down if there wasn’t a positive response on the other end of the call. So you send her Halloween cards and emails and notes about the pie plate she sent home with you last Thanksgiving and the pies that your girlfriend made in it, and you hope that she knows just how much you appreciate that she wants you to be happy and love and feel loved. 

    I really hope she does. 

  7. This took way too much effort

  8. My life has gotten exponentially better with two cats. 10/10, would recommend.

  9. How many days in a row do you think I could wear an all black outfit? I did it three times at work this week.