1. I’m wearing stockings.

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  3. Desk pantry strikes gold once again: veggie wrap with garlic hummus, roasted red peppers, baby kale, artichoke hearts, and feta.

  4. Just for that, I’m going to frown the entire time I eat these baby goldfish.

  5. Aaron has a really great new shirt.

  7. hodgman:

    Scrabble in Maine with @sweetfletcher. Opening move, location themed, 34 points.

    John Hodgman is my Scrabble guide


  8. lucius / turn it around

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  9. Okay, that’s what I thought too - Aaron had a really hilarious reasoning behind why a hug was x and a kiss was o - including notions of “you cross your arms around someone’s back when you hug them!” and that an emoji with an x as the mouth was a rabbit, not a kissy face???? 

    =:x - because it looks like a bunny’s mouth? i don’t know haha

  10. nataliemeansnice:


    "That will include, snack, music, and jewelry areas."

    (inspired by x)